what makes us special

Heads Up is a company that blends both movement and theatre together. Dual training means both art forms can be taught in one workshop. No need for seperate classes, keeping workshops afforable. This is great news for anyone who would like to introduce primary school children to drama and dance and work out which/both/ or none grab their attention and make them smile.


Heads Up will create a foundation for children where they will be taught fundemental core skills for both creative art forms. Through fun accessible activities children will gain transferbale skills, releasing potential and feel a sense of belonging.


*There are only 16 places in each workshop. Each dancer, actor or actress is important to the team and therefore, with a smaller number of children in each workshop attention is balanced, learning goals and social interactions dont go unseen. We can build up and encourage each indivdual properly.


Both professionals are active in their fields and aren't precious about signposting and supporting members to continue with other opportunities and schools of learning as they grow. Our jobs is to deliver high quality professional training to enable children to stand on the building blocks of dance and theatre practice.


We want to give children a 'Heads Up,' about the creative arts. Its up to them what they do with it.