what we do

Meet George.


George loves trying new things. He loves celebrating when his friends achieve something. Anything. They could grasp a new move, learn a new song or even just turn up at a new place.


George has sent Devon to Heads Up. Devon loves football, scooting, singing werid songs, dancing round in circles and has a huge amount of energy.


However, Devon can be a little shy about going to new places and trying out new things. Devon's not entirely sure about dance and theatre. George knows Charlie and Ryan will completely looked after his friend.


Devon can have lots of fun playing games, learning new moves, making dramas, basically creating some building blocks for life. George knows you can makes friends, feel more confident and just enjoy being plain silly. How does he know this? Because he went there!


George stayed for ages and then decided he wanted to do more theatre. Can you tell by his professional shot!? So Ryan and Charlie signposted him on to another amazing group in Plymouth so he could fulfill his dream.


Wonder what Devon will want to do? More tap, more musical theatre, be a free runner? A firefighter? The possiablities are endless.


Meet Devon yourself and come along. You could could explore dance and theatre together.